Albion Idiomas

Our services

Albion’s executive partner, Rebecca Atkinson, coordinates all the interpreting services, facilitating the communication with the event organiser to assure a service of the highest quality. We draw on the collaboration of a large network of freelance professionals, who we handpick according to the experience required for the event.

  • Simultaneous interpretingMost international events these days make use of simultaneous interpreting, which is when the interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth and the translation is transmitted to the headsets used by the members of the audience.
  • Consecutive interpretingFor short presentations, press conferences and closed meetings, consecutive interpreting is an option, which is when the interlocutors and the interpreter speak one after the other.
  • Whispered interpretingWhen just one or two people in a given situation do not understand the language being used, the interpreter can whisper the translation. The person hears the translation simultaneously, but without using a headset.
  • Liaison interpretingIf you are making a business or tourist trip, you can hire a professional to provide escort interpreting, which is when the communication between the parties is mediated without the use of equipment.
  • Rebecca Atkinson, who teaches translation at PUC-Rio university, does all the translations from Portuguese into English. We have longstanding partnerships with highly qualified translators for jobs from English into Portuguese.
  • We offer voiceover services in English.